Chronos Completes Interactive Video Project with MassFX Media and Excedrin

When Excedrin approached our long-time partner, MassFX Media, with a project outside of their usual video wheelhouse, we were honored to step in and assist! Excedrin’s goal was to create an HTML based animation describing the process and the symptoms of a migraine that could live on their branded and partner platforms.

After an initial meeting, we proposed two options - a heavier HTML lift animation, or a part video - part HTML animation execution. The latter of the two options provided MassFX Media the opportunity to do what they do best, while we worked diligently to make their vision come to life. Chronos worked closely with Mass FX Media in order to create the exact video file structure, design and format to be used to create the animation and allow development of an interactive navigation for the full video sequence and additional interactivity. Using a video sequence for the model illustrations and transitions allows for full creative freedom for Mass FX Media and proved to be the more cost effective way to handle the client’s request.

Our deliverable was based on a two part screen, with one side utilizing the provided video, and the other tying the corresponding copy and visuals to specific timecodes within the video itself. Our developer, Cristina, did a fantastic job pairing the video sequences together so the animations flowed smoothly.

Check it out here:

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