Why it is *Always* Better to Use Integer Select Lists in Drupal

When I say "always" I really mean more often than not, because nothing is black and white and there's always an edge case that puts you in a grey area. However for the sake of this discussion, we "always" user integer select lists. Here's why we do it this way:

Options within a select...

Don't Float the Mainstream

Floating elements is a very common technique when writing CSS. When I first learned about layout in CSS, using floats was the go-to practice. Today, I use floats as little as possible and only when necessary. My primary technique for laying out web pages is using inline-block.   A floated...

Using Drupal Hooks: Tapping into Drupal's Core Functionality

Drupal started as a message board by Dries Buytaert in 1999 and was released as an open source content management system in 2001. Since then the Drupal community has rapidly grown and made Drupal into one of the most popular and powerful content management systems on the planet.

A Quick Guide to Mobile App Types

So you’ve decided to build an app. One of your first steps – if not the first step – in the design process needs to be deciding on the technical approach you will take to build it. From a development standpoint there are multiple options to pick from, each with their own...

Utilizing Cross-Web-Property Headers and Footers

Whether you're redesigning an entire website, modifying footer text, or changing the name of a menu item, running "duplicated code" for any given element across multiple web properties can be a serious pain point. It's not only incredibly inefficient but also leaves gaping holes for human error...



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