Not Just Doing. Thinking.

At Chronos, we design and develop custom websites and interactive applications. We bring expertise, innovation and creativity to every interactive digital solution we provide. 

  • Discover
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Deploy

Identify opportunities, create strategies

A thorough assessment at the beginning of a project defines goals and establishes the foundation needed for short and long-term success. Stakeholder interviews and industry research give us a big picture view of your needs and help us chart the best path forward.

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More than meets the eye

Design is about more than just visuals – it’s also about strategy. In fact, most design work on a project is done before a single pixel is drawn. Usability standards, interface design, and art direction are combined to craft a unique and engaging user experience.

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More devices, less effort

Our development team is structured to create custom applications across a variety of technologie. We have expertise in Drupal and WordPress CMS, ReactJS, Node.js, and Next.js. Our code powers enterprise websites and highly portable, platform independent custom applications.

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Ready for launch

Our team pushes your project to the world and makes sure the deployment is smooth and successful. After launch, we continue to support whatever ongoing needs you might have. Our flexible application platforms and architectures are scalable for long-term growth.

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