Castio: Modern Marketing Enablement

Castio can make a positive impact on your business, from sales and marketing efforts to internal communications and training. Store your videos, PDFs, slides, photos, links, and more in one secure presentation app that is branded for your company. Give your team easy access to all your materials and ensure they are using only the latest approved content.

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Store all your assets in one easily accessible (and portable!) iPad app—no more searching for files.


Decide on the fly what you want to present, and show only content that is relevant to your current audience.


Email content to clients or share it on social media directly from the app.

Intuitive Content Management

Castio comes with a web-based content management system that makes it easy to add, edit, or remove content. And with the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface, it's a snap to customize your app's colors, fonts, logos, and icons.

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Banish outdated and off-brand content with an easy-to-use online content manager.


Instantly push new content live to your team with the touch of a button.


See what content is being used the most, and by which team members


  • $5,000 start-up cost
  • $100/month base hosting (20 users / 500 MB)
  • Free base template (custom design extra)
  • Individual contracts for accounts exceeding base hosting