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Community First Foundation

Client Since 2017

After Chronos completed a successful redesign of the Colorado Gives website, the parent organization, Community First Foundation, approached Chronos to update their own website. The goals were to highlight the services they provide to their donors and volunteers, while simultaneously providing their in-house content managers with a better suite of tools and user interface components to maximize their website messaging.

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Chronos assembled a team that combined precisely the expertise Community First Foundation needed, and spearheaded the project from conception to deployment. In addition to coordinating the efforts of content development (Spearca Communications) and WordPress programming, Chronos was responsible for creating a professional and dynamic User Interface that would support new content and make administration easy.


A scalable UI

The particular challenge for this project was to design UI components not just for the existing content, but an entire library of flexible modules CFF could utilize in the future to publish new and diverse messages without ever feeling stale or constrained. The resulting WordPress site has a library of reusable, full responsive modules that CFF can choose from to ensure the package is appropriate to the content, and each page of the site feels unique and visually engaging.

“Although not one of our larger projects, designing a website that would allow CFF to build their own new pages as they grow was a unique and fun challenge.”
~ Jamie, Art Director