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Client Since 2012

SKYDEX has always been in the business of protecting people. Their patented, polymer-based geometries absorb energy to enhance comfort, shield from impact, and lessen vibration-related fatigue. From blast mats to body armor that save lives in combat, to seating and boat decking that reduce chronic conditions and injuries, SKYDEX works with their customers to convert their patented technologies into quality protection. We have had the privilege to work with SKYDEX for many years, combining with their excellent marketing team to tune their online offering as the company explores new avenues and adjusts to a changing market.

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Services Used


Targeted application of the Drupal CMS

Every site has a variety of pages that rarely change, combined with highly dynamic areas subject to frequent updates and content growth. By isolating and hard-coding "bespoke" pages, we were able to reduce costs and enhance rich interaction of critical messaging. Meanwhile, SKYDEX's marketing team has a mature CMS which gives them full control to edit case studies, news articles, and careers. Chronos worked to build a library of reusable building blocks, which allows the SKYDEX internal marketing team to build new product pages as needed.

Detailed Discovery.

Finally telling the story

Through the Discovery Phase, Chronos established that it was critical to successfully tell the SKYDEX story. Potential customers needed to be able to quickly understand not just the innovative products the SKYDEX technologies support, but how SKYDEX does it. What is the process? How does SKYDEX work? Transitions and animations focus the user’s experience, and the SKYDEX story unfolds clearly and gracefully — one step at time.


Library of modular designs

SKYDEX's website Product pages typify an approach Chronos takes with many customers, Modular Design. By creating a library of UI component "containers", we provide content managers with the ability to mix and match diverse UI components. SKYDEX can build out a website of unique pages as they build their business. With each new product, the marketing team picks and chooses the components they will use to highlight the product in different, yet visually consistent ways.

"We greatly appreciate the quick responses and, more importantly, how Chronos is a resource for us on how to do things the right way. We rely on Chronos - 100% - to make sure we are executing best practices with our website and consistently receive positive feedback on our website from our customers!"
~ Katy Bird, Director of Marketing at SKYDEX Technologies, Inc.