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Swift Navigation

Client Since 2016

Swift Navigation provides precise positioning solutions for automotive, autonomous vehicle, mobile and mass market applications.

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Services Used


Drupal 9 CMS & eCommerce.

When a client has in-house designers, we partner with them, stepping in as project managers and developers. This is the case with Swift Navigation. We became an extension of their team to take their marketing research, design ideas, and high-tech content to produce a Drupal 9 headless website and eCommerce solution in 2021. Particularly of interest, the team only adjusted the design and animation of a few key pieces, including the menu, the headers of each page, and the overall background color. These slight adjustments truly updated the entire website, without requiring a full redesign.



A major part of the new site revamp, Chronos worked with SwiftNav’s talented designer to conceptualize micro-animations which appear throughout the site as the user interacts with the site. From the home page scrolling effect to a vehicle moving along a road, these slight, yet technically complex, adjustments make this site stand out.

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"By working with Chronos we have a dedicated Web team at our fingertips. They are customer-focused problem solvers that always approach our business needs with insight and professionalism."
~ Amanda Brodbaek, Swift Navigation's Director of Marketing